Lovett Deconstruction

July 20, 2021

Portland, OR


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Job Summary:

The Lovett Deconstructionist is the heart of the company. This role requires a self-starter, someone who is a hard-working, thoughtful, attentive, service-oriented person who can do everything from the rough, dirty work of demolition to the careful, surgical removal of material such as cabinetry, windows, and salvageable hardwood floors.

The deconstructionist uses expert skill and collaboration with team members to protect, salvage, and disassemble all range of structures. Our deconstructionists are team players; they are friendly, safe, and conscientious, creating a work environment that is positive and productive. They work in all kinds of conditions, in all kinds of weather, and perform a brilliant level of service regularly surprising clients. At all times, they carry themselves with dignity and professionalism because they are the best at what they do.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Arrive at job site on time, prepared for work with personal tools and PPE Assist in job site preparation with consideration for top notch work zone dust protection, safety standards and end of job cleanliness
  • Perform daily tasks safely at all times with attention to site hazards including but not limited to tool usage, asbestos, lead paint, fall protection and utility shut off standards
  • Display willingness to encourage safety culture with team members and report accidents and injuries
  • Participate actively in team-oriented culture including job site safety meetings, daily stretches, sharing company/crew feedback, observations and ideas
  • Be willing to speak up
  • Act professionally at all times with a friendly, knowledgeable and even-keeled manner including presentable attire, active listening and eye contact
  • Follow standard operating procedures
  • Actively address gaps in knowledge by asking questions and seeking training
  • Respond to texts from office/Project Lead in a prompt and timely manner

Required Skills & Qualifications:

  • Enthusiasm and commitment to learn deconstruction practices, Lovett values, and safety standards
  • Capable of lifting~50lbs, repeatedly over the course of a day; handling power tools and hand tools; prying, pulling and twisting
  • Capable of working in sustained heat, wearing Tyvek for prolonged periods, and at physically demanding tasks such as hauling and handling debris in dusty conditions
  • Mechanically inclined
  • Comfortable with heights
  • Spatially aware
  • Comfortable wearing a respirator and working according to safety standards with hazardous or potentially hazardous material
  • Capable of communication via text message, group text message and email.
  • Works well with team
  • Capable of working with a range of personalities, and respectful of diverse backgrounds and levels of experience
  • Takes direction well
  • Offers feedback constructively and respectfully
  • Possesses strong attention to detail
  • Works efficiently
  • Possesses an acute awareness of cleanliness
  • Capable of problem solving

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