Glazier Apprentice

Glaziers Architectural Metal and Glass Workers Joint Apprenticeship
July 8, 2024
Portland, OR
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Job Summary: The Glaziers Apprenticeship seeks applicants to build an exceptional pool of eligible apprentices. These apprentices will be offered employment directly from union glazing shops to perform construction work and be trained on-the-job in the Portland Metro and/or Salem areas. This is the opportunity of a lifetime in the type of career that will change your life by providing the tools to succeed in a sustainable career, earn a livable wage, provide for family and prosper until they retire with a well-funded pension. Our apprentices start at 45% of the Journeyman wage and progress to the next wage level approximately every six months throughout the four-year program. This translates to grossing over $100k per year after completing the 8,000 hour apprenticeship program.

Job Responsibilities: A Glazier does the measuring, handling, cutting, preparation, edging, installation, removal, repair, replacement and sealing of all types of glass, mirrors, and glass substitutes as well as the layout, preparation, fabrication, installation, removal, repair, replacement and sealing of all architectural metal products including: storefront and all related systems: aluminum/ glass entrances and entrance ways, window and solar panel systems, curtainwall systems and all components thereof, skylights and all sloped glazing applications.

Required Skills and Qualifications:
Applicants must provide proof of age: * 18 or older * Diploma & High School Transcripts or * GED with Scores & High School Transcripts

Preferred Skills and Qualifications: Women and Minorities are strongly encouraged to apply! Experience in glazing or the construction industry is preferred, but not required. Applicants should have a strong desire to learn, understand that the work we perform is done outside in the rain and heat, and possess some level of mechanical skill or ability.

Compensation: $23.36

Apply Online: To begin your application, visit our Apprenticeship page at Read and follow the directions. To begin your application, do so on or after 7/6/24, and you'll need the following documents:
* Identification (for proof of age)
* Diploma & High School Transcripts
* GED & Test Scores

You will be asked to provide work history for ALL jobs, not just in the industry. Work history will include Title, Company Name, Dates of Employment, Reason for leaving and a Description of the work performed.

Applications are accepted only from 7/6/24 through 7/19/24

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