Careers in the skilled construction trades offer debt-free opportunities for high-paying jobs with benefits. Oregon Tradeswomen was founded in recognition of this critical pathway out of poverty for women from our inception in 1989. We prioritize and focus our programming and services for women, Black, Indigenous and other People of Color, (BIPOC) who remain under-represented in high-wage, high-skilled careers in the skilled construction trades.

Oregon Tradeswomen is active in a number of coalitions and oversight committees related to workforce development, diversity, equity, and inclusion.

We also offer technical assistance to industry partners, including employers, unions, and apprenticeship programs seeking to develop and implement equitable recruitment and retention policies.

Our advocacy of sound public policy at the local, state, and national levels helps ensure access, equity, and opportunity for women in nontraditional occupations.

Jobsite Culture

RISE Up (Respect, Inclusion, Safety and Equity) is a Respectful Workplace Campaign designed provide all workers with the tools and support necessary to help industry partners create and maintain a safe, inclusive, and productive environment for everyone. RISE Up provides industry best practice workplace consulting and training to help contractors and sub-contractors create an environment of productivity, safety and equity in construction management and on work sites.

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Safe From Hate Oregon:
The Safe From Hate Alliance is a comprised of employers, trade associations, unions, public agencies, community organizations, and tradesworkers themselves who are committed to collectively addressing harmful construction jobsite culture that contributes to the attrition of skilled craft workers from the industry – and disproportionately impacting women and people of color.

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Personnelity Podcast:
Lauri Rollings and Nicolle Farup discuss the Institute for Women’s Policy Research (IWPR) report “A Future Worth Building: What Tradeswomen Say about the Change They Need in the Construction Industry.” Lauri and Nicolle are joined by Oregon Tradeswomen staff, who discuss the RISE Up model offering solutions to the challenges the report identifies.

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We Value


We hold an unwavering commitment to racial, gender, and economic justice.


We are stronger together and build bridges to create an inclusive movement for lasting change.


We dare to envision a different future for women by building economic independence.


We create shared prosperity, by organizing to dismantle oppressive systems.


We operate with integrity and are committed to the highest standards for our industry and community.