RISE Up Oregon

RISE Up Oregon

Respect . Inclusion . Safety . Equity.

RISE Up (Respect, Inclusion, Safety and Equity in the Construction Trades) is a Respectful Workplace Program designed to provide all workers with the tools and support necessary to create and maintain a safe, inclusive, and productive environment for everyone. RISE Up provides industry best practice workplace consulting and training to help contractors and sub-contractors create an environment of productivity, safety, and equity in construction management and on work sites.

Oregon Tradeswomen, together with PBDG are RISE Up Oregon. Let us help you develop a plan to recruit, promote, and retain a diverse workforce while increasing your bottom line.

RISE Up Training

The RISE Up Program was created to be customizable to meet your specific goals. It was created for the industry by industry professionals and, when possible, builds on existing access points for training opportunities.


Respect is the act of treating every person with equal value, period. Every person is equal and deserves the same level of care and attention. It is a priority to treat each person how we ourselves would want to be treated. When everyone feels respected, we become much stronger. In fact, there is no limit to what we can accomplish together.


Inclusion is the act of creating environments in which any individual or group can be and feel welcomed, respected, supported, safe and valued to fully participate.


Safety is first, last and always about people. It is not just physical safety, but mental and emotional safety also.


Equity is the act of developing fair systems, procedures, and resource distribution mechanisms to create equitable opportunity for all people.

About RISE Up

RISE Up provides industry best practice workplace consulting and training to help organizations create an environment of productivity, safety, and equity. RISE Up provides tools for employers designed to foster safety, cooperation and trust between workers, making employees more productive in the process.

RISE Up is a customizable, best-practice based program designed to support employers in reducing and eliminating incidents that jeopardize employee safety and productivity due to inappropriate behavior in the workplace. The program promotes inclusion and equity best practices that increase the recruitment and retention of a diverse workforce.

For more information about RISE Up, please contact riseup@oregontradeswomen.org or lauri@oregontradeswomen.org.


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