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Bricklayer Craft trades represented by BAC Local 1 include bricklayers, stone and marble masons, tilesetters, terrazzo workers, pointer/cleaners/caulkers, refractory specialists, and finishers.
Cabinetmaker Cabinetmakers build, install and repair cabinets, shelves and fixtures in both residential and commercial buildings.

Carpenters construct and remodel almost every kind of structure, including houses, commercial buildings, bridges, churches, factories, and highways.

Pacific Northwest Carpenters Institute
Pacific Northwest Carpenters Institute (PNCI) is the premier educational institution in Oregon, Southwest Washington, and Idaho for Carpenters and the affiliated trades.

Pacific Northwest Regional Council of Carpenters
The Northwest Carpenters works with partner contractors to provide reliable and professional service to meet the growing needs of the northwest construction industry.

Cement Mason


Cement masons prepare and repair concrete, including pouring and finishing slabs, steps, wall tops, curbs and gutters, sidewalks, and paving. They work with a variety of materials including terrazzo, magnasite, epoxy, polymer and other plastic materials for topping repair and injection.

Cement Masons Local 555
Striving for both professionalism and craftsmanship, Cement Masons Local 555 is the local that covers Oregon, SW Washington, and Southern Idaho

Electrical Lineworker
Tradeswomen Careers: The Lineworker video thumbnail. Click image to start YouTube video (includes audio)
Electrical lineworkers construct and maintain electric transmission and distribution facilities that deliver electricity to buildings.
Tradeswomen Careers: Electricians. Click image to start YouTube video (includes audio)
Inside electricians perform electrical installations, construction, maintenance, repair and service. They work on electrical construction projects ranging from single-family residences to state-of-the-art industrial plants. They install conduits and wire lighting, switches, converters, and complex computerized systems.

IBEW Local 48
The International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 48 is the local that covers Portland, Oregon and surrounding areas.

Electrician - Limited Energy, Restricted Energy Limited energy electricians install and repair electrical systems and equipment of 100 VA or less including sound, public address, nurse call and other systems.
Environmental Worker Environmental workers clean and protect the environment.
Exterior / Interior Specialist Exterior/Interior specialists, or interior systems carpenters, work on interior and exterior building surfaces and install equipment and material in commercial buildings such as acoustical ceilings, raised floors for computers, metal framing, wall partitions and office furniture systems. Metal stud and drywall specialists use metal studs instead of wood in commercial high-rise construction because of their superior fire rating. Insulators work with both thermal and sound insulation using many variations of rolled and rigid insulation systems.
Floorcoverer Floorcoverers work with resilient floor and decorative coverings and install, replace, and repair all types of carpets, plastic laminates, and other coverings in residential, commercial and industrial buildings, airplanes, ships, swimming pools, highway medians, garage aprons, automobiles, and athletic fields. Apprentices learn about products, how to prepare a pattern to absolute tolerances, and to use scribes and dividers for precision work. Floorcoverers use manual and power tools to measure, hammer, cut and shear, spread and stretch, and prepare floors.
Glazier - Glass Installer Glaziers prepare and install various types of glass, mirrors, windows and aluminum doors.
Green Jobs
Tradeswomen Careers: Green Building. Click image to start YouTube video (includes audio)
Green jobs include new sectors of work like weatherization and also new techniques in traditional trades like doing solar as an electrician and rainwater systems as a plumber.
HVAC Heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) is a combination of sheet metal and electrical work.
Heat & Frost Insulator and Asbestos Worker Workers in this trade apply insulation materials to pipes, tanks, boilers, ducts, refrigeration equipment, and other surfaces requiring thermal temperature control. Workers handle insulation materials made of fiberglass, rubber, calcium silicate and urethane. Asbestos workers remove asbestos-containing materials.

Visit the Heat & Frost Insulators Local 36 program for more information.

Tradeswomen Careers: Ironworkers. Click image to start YouTube video (includes audio)
Ironworkers erect the structural framework for high rise buildings, bridges, power plants and towers. They place reinforcing steel in concrete forms for roadways, foundations and structures and erect the aluminum fascia on high rise window walls. Tools of the trade include: wrenches, connecting bars, tape measures, levels, jacks, arc welders, welding torches and oxy-acetylene torches.
Laborer - Construction

Construction laborers are generalists who perform many different tasks during all stages of construction. They operate a variety of equipment including pavement breakers, jackhammers, earth tampers, concrete, mortar, and plaster mixers, electric and hydraulic boring machines, torches, small mechanical hoists, laser beam equipment, and surveying and measuring equipment. They may use computers and other high-tech input devices to control robotic pipe cutters and cleaners. To perform their jobs effectively, construction laborers must be familiar with the duties of other craft workers and with the materials, tools, and machinery they use. Construction laborers often work as part of a team with other skilled craft workers, jointly carrying out assigned construction tasks. At other times, construction laborers may work alone, reading and interpreting instructions, plans, and specifications with little or no supervision. At heavy and highway construction sites, construction laborers clear and prepare highway work zones and rights of way; install traffic barricades, cones, and markers; and control traffic passing near, in, and around work zones. They also install sewer, water, and storm drain pipes, and place concrete and asphalt on roads.

Northwest Laborers-Employers Training Trust Fund
The Northwest Laborers-Employers Training Trust Fund trains professional construction laborers in Washington and Utah.

Oregon & Southern Idaho Laborers-Employers Training Trust
The Oregon & Southern Idaho Laborers-Employers Training Trust trains professional construction laborers in Oregon and Southern Idaho.

Line Worker
Tradeswomen Careers: The Lineworker video thumbnail. Click image to start YouTube video (includes audio)
Lineworkers are utility electrical workers who construct and maintain overhead and underground electric lines and facilities that distribute electricity.

Northwest Line Construction JATC
The Joint Apprenticeship and Training Committee of the Northwest Line Construction Industry (NW Line JATC) is a non-profit association designed to systematically train unionized workers for the outside electrical construction industry.

Mason (Also known as Bricklayer, Bricklayer Restoration, Cement Mason, Marble Setter, Terrazzo Worker and Tilesetter)
Masons construct walls, fireplaces, chimneys, industrial furnaces and many other brick structures.
Military Women
Tradeswomen Careers: Women in the Military in Green Jobs. Click image to start YouTube video (includes audio)
With military experience, it can be easy to transition into new, green careers in construction.
Millwright Millwrights install conveyor systems, escalators, giant electrical turbines and generators. Millwrights are skilled construction mechanics who study and interpret blueprints, and use machine tools and precision instruments, working to specifications requiring tolerances to a thousandth of an inch. They work primarily with metals using precision machinery and equipment.
Operating Engineer Operating engineers operate cranes, bulldozers, pavers, trench excavators and other heavy construction equipment used for the construction of buildings, etc.

Operating Engineers Local 701
Local 701 of the International Union of Operating Engineers represents over 3,500 heavy equipment operators, heavy duty repairers, technical engineers and stationary engineers throughout Oregon and Southwest Washington.

Painter Painters apply paints and prepare surfaces for painting. Preparation is the most important part of painting and all sorts of surfaces, including wood, metal, masonry and sheet rock must be prepared. Painters also apply other types of wall coverings besides paint, such as vinyl, fabric and aluminum.
Piledriver Pile drivers work with pile-driving rigs that drive metal, concrete or wood piling into the earth during the early stages of construction. They are usually the first workers at a commercial job site. They drive metal sheet piling to hold back dirt during excavations, drive concrete, metal and wood pilings as part of the foundation system for skyscrapers and drive wood and concrete pilings to hold up docks, wharves and bridges. Some may work on offshore oil rigs as commercial divers involved in underwater construction. Pile drivers work with a variety of hand and portable power tools, and frequently cut, join and fasten metal construction materials using welding equipment and oxy-acetylene torches.
Plasterer Plasterers finish interior walls and ceilings of residential and commercial buildings, apply plaster on masonry, metal and wire lath or gypsum. They also apply cement on masonry, metal and wire lath (stucco). Most of these finishes are applied by hand.
Tradeswomen Careers: Plumbers. Click image to start YouTube video (includes audio)
Plumbers install pipes and fixtures such as sinks, toilets, water heaters and more on commercial and residential sites.

Plumbers & Steamfitters, Local 290
The UA Local 290 Training Center offers a five year Steamfitter and a five year Plumbers apprenticeship program consisting of on the job training and night school.

Oregon State Association of Plumbing, Heating & Cooling Contractors
The Oregon State Association of Plumbing, Heating & Cooling Contractors (ORPHCC) is the program administrator for the Mid-Valley Sheet Metal Workers and Mid-Valley Steamfitters/Pipefitters apprenticeship programs.

Power Line Clearance Tree Trimmer Power line clearance tree trimmers trim trees away from high voltage power lines.
Roofer Work is done outdoors in all types of weather, at heights and on varying roof structures.

Oregon & SW Washington Roofers & Waterproofers JATC
The goal of the Roofers and Waterproofers JATC is to provide quality education for the future roofers and waterproofers entering the construction industry.

Sheet Metal Worker Sheet metal workers fabricate and install fittings and duct work used for heating ventilation and air-conditioning systems in building structures.

Sheet Metal Institute
The Sheet Metal Training Trust, Union Local #16, and the Columbia Chapter of the Sheet Metal and Air Conditioning Contractors National Association have funded the training center represented by this site.

Sign Fabricator / Erector Sign fabricators and erectors craft and install signs.
Sprinkler Fitter
Tradeswomen Careers: Sprinkler Fitters. Click image to start YouTube video (includes audio)
Sprinkler fitters are pipefitter specialists in fire protection. They install fire protection systems designed for commercial buildings.
Tradeswomen Careers: Plumbers. Click image to start YouTube video (includes audio)
Steamfitters install piping and tubing made of carbon steel, copper, plastic, glass or other metals using a variety of processes. These processes include brazing, welding, screwing, gluing, bending and mechanical joining. Steamfitters install valves, controls, pumps, vessels and hangers, as well as refrigeration equipment, air-conditioning equipment, compressors, coils, and boilers.
Tree Trimmer NW Power Line Tree Trimmers Apprentice Training JATC
The main focus of the NW Line JATC is to keep the northwest outside electrical industry with an adequate number of highly skilled journey level workers. They do this by offering two different apprenticeship programs, the Outside Line Construction program and the Power Line Clearance & Tree Trimming Apprenticeship.


Allied Coordinators Group Member Programs:

ABC Pacific Northwest (Associated Builders and Contractors)

Available Apprenticeship Programs:

  • Oregon SW Washington Sprinkler Fitters JATC
  • Area 1 HVAC JATC
  • Oregon Test Adjust and Balance Technician JATC
  • Sheet Metal JATC
  • Oregon Columbia Tile Trades JATC
  • Oregon Glazier JATC

Krystina Karcz


Limited Renewable Energy Technician Apprenticeship Program

Michelle Maher


Mid-Willamette Industrial Electrical JATC

Jannie Daniels


Area III Plumbers JATC

Jannie Daniels


Blue Mountain Community College

  • Lamb Weston TATC (IMM, LME, LMPE, PLC) (MA 6002)
  • Blue Mountain JATC (Plumbing)(MA6011)
  • Area VI Inside Electrical JATC (Inside Electrical)(MA6013)
  • Eastern Oregon Industrial TATC (LEA, LEB, LME, LMPE) (MA6016)
  • Boise TATC (IMM, LMPE)(MA 6020)
  • Woodgrain TATC (IMM, LMPE) (MA6027)

Jennifer Hills


North Coast Plumbers JATC (MA 1033)

Kathy Kemmerer


Area I Plumbers JATC and Sign Installers

Marianne Carley

Mid-Willamette industrial TATC (MA 2009)

  • State DAS Facilities & SEIU 503 JATC (MA 1124)
  • Area II Limited Energy Electrical JATC (MA 2020)

Lena Gates


Northwest College of Construction


  • Oregon-Columbia Masons TATC (MA 1065)
    • Brick Mason
    • Concrete Finishers
  • Oregon-Columbia Carpenters JATC (MA 1074)
  • Protective Signaling JATC (MA 1100)
  • Oregon-Columbia Heavy Equipment Operators JATC (MA 1175)
  • Oregon-Columbia Roofers JATC (MA 1282)
  • Oregon-Columbia Laborers JATC (MA 2023)
  • Central Oregon Sign Hangers JATC (MA 3002)
  • Lane-Douglas County Carpenters JATC (MA 3038)


Sara Brady, Director of Apprenticeship & Student Services
Katrina Cloud, Director of Student & Public Affairs


IEC Oregon

Area II Inside Electrical and Limited Residential and Roseburg Inside Electrical

Kayleen Williams


Area I Limited Energy (LEA, LEB)

Eva Sizelove


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