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Virtual Blue-Collar Gala and Awards Ceremony!

Through your generous investment in our work and mission at Oregon Tradeswomen, you are helping build strong women, strong communities, and a strong industry. Your incredible support is helping put women to work and helping to change lives!

Investing in Oregon Tradeswomen is an investment in our community. Our work helps women attain economic self-sufficiency through careers in the skilled construction trades. Not only does our work together help create a more diverse workforce, it helps to ensure safe and respectful jobsites for all tradesworkers.

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Congratulations again to our 2020 Award Winners:

We again extend our congratulations, to this year’s award winners for their leadership and tenacity in our industry.


Leslie Cotton – Equity Champion Award
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Rosa Hale – Woman On the Rise Award
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Courtney Newburg– Woman On the Rise Award
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Kim Patterson – Woman On the Rise Award
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Ana Rigsby– Woman On the Rise Award
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Carol Wurdinger– Wanda Hall Legacy Award
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Awards will be presented during Build With Us! on Saturday, October 10th 2020 between 6:00 pm – 7:00 pm.

Woman on the Rise Award Nominees

Janett Arellano, Apprentice Carpenter
Nominated by: Alejandra Prado, Apprentice Carpenter

“I am nominating Janett because I feel she has overcame many obstacles that have been thrown at her and has stood strong through the whole thing. She also loves to help everyone, something very valuable in our career, and is a mentor to others.”


Melanie Belisle, Journeyworker Electrician, IBEW Local 48
Nominated by: Sabrina Domingo, Electrician, IBEW Local 48

“Melanie is the perfect example of why more women should be leaders in the trades. She was my very first journeyman, and from the beginning, she’s shown nothing but patience, intelligence, and desire. She makes the people that are around her better because she is constantly leading by example. One of the many things I admire about her, is her ability to observe situations from every angle. & I feel that is why she is so successful in every aspect of her job and why her mistakes are minimal. She is 100% the type of journeyman I strive to be every day & she constantly pushes me to be better.

Since joining Squires Electric in 2017, she has proven to be one of the best electricians in our shop. The owner, Joe Squires, has told me personally that Melanie is one of the most intelligent Electricians he has. She has proven herself in doing service work & I’ve been lucky enough to witness that success. She’s personable with everyone she meets & always gets to the root of the problem.”

Tylene Brooks, Safety Coordinator, MHA Resource Company
Nominated by:  Chris Alurede, Co-worker, MHA Resource Company

“Tylene Brooks is currently a Safety Coordinator with MHA Resource Company. Her love for the construction industry, more specifically her love of woodworking started early in life. At 7 years old she started building birdhouses using her Uncle’s scrap wood while he tinkered in the garage. She had always been a hands-on learner, so it seemed inevitable that she would end up working in construction. However, her path to becoming a successful Safety Coordinator wasn’t always as clear as she wished it had been, dabbling in nursing and bartending among other things. After some serious life events, a friend encouraged her to join the carpenter’s union. For Ty, it felt like a chance to seize back her independence – she was 39.

As a laborer in the construction industry Ty felt like she’d truly found her place in this world and once she was there, she dove headfirst into every available opportunity. As luck would have it, just when she felt like life was humming along, Ty broke her ankle in a non-construction related accident. It turned out that the enthusiasm she’d brought to her position as a carpenter, her sharp eye for detail and overall skills as a leader weren’t not lost on the company’s safety direction, Rick McMurry. While her ankle healed, Ty was promoted to Safety Coordinator. Not only did this give her an entire new batch of responsibilities, but it allowed her to work in a cast.

As a natural leader, Ty understands that a safety program is more than a thick book or rules placed on the shelf of a job trailer. So, she’s worked alongside Rick McMurry to employ a system of preventative measures and hazard mitigations to prevent injuries or limit their severity should they occur. As a woman in construction, walking any one of our dozen sites, Ty’s had to work even harder to build credibility and rapport with co-workers and field leaders. It wasn’t easy, but her efforts have paid off. Since being hired as Safety Coordinator, Ty’s efforts have helped win P&C top awards from the DJC and the AGC, including the AGC Pride Award for Safety Excellence (awarded to only 6 general contractors each year)”


Alicia Buck, Foreman Carpenter, R&H Construction
Nominated by 5 coworkers at R&H Construction

“Alicia Buck has grown in rank at R&H Construction. She came to R&H as a carpenter assisting in concrete and is now one of the company’s lead envelope foremen. She was instrumental in completing R&H’s largest project to date by running the envelope teams for nine buildings. She has been praised by the men she works with and has changed the perception of women and their ability to keep up and kill it in construction.”

—  Sarah Jimenez, Employee, R&H Construction

“Alicia did building envelope QC for me on my last project and killed it.”

—  Jason Ross, Employee, R&H Construction

“Alicia has worked at R&H Construction since 2009 where she started as a carpenter helper and has worked her way up to journeyworker. This was done through her hard work and drive to learn the craft. Through the years Alicia has volunteered at the Oregon Tradeswomen Career Fair, helping with demonstrations and talking with other women about her career. Alicia takes pride in her work and always willing to help and teach new employees learn valuable carpentry skills.”

—  Karen Sidlo, Employee, R&H Construction

“Alicia joined the R&H team in 2009 as a carpenter helper and has continued to elevate her level of responsibility and role ever since. During her time with R&H, she has served on our concrete crew and has become highly skilled at window and door installation. She holds certifications in rigging, flagging, and signaling along with OSHA-10. Alicia is constantly looking for ways to increase her knowledge in the industry and add value to our projects. She adds tremendous value to R&H as a Journey Level Carpenter. Alicia currently works on the Saltwood South project site, a ground up mixed use development in Northwest Portland’s Slabtown District. In her role on-site, Alicia oversees the QA/QC process for the building envelope installation. This effort is significant and requires extensive organization and documentation. Alicia also gives her time and talent to help support causes that educate youth and women on career opportunities in the trade like Oregon Tradeswomen’s Career Fair and presentations for Canby High School.”

—  Erin Grodem, Employee, R&H Construction

“Alicia is one of the most dependable journey-workers we have today. She works so hard each and every day.Everything she has learned to date was learned the hard way- from working in the field. She has earned the respect of our top superintendents. She is truly a woman on the rise. She has no limits here with R&H and anywhere she were to go. Top notch!”

—  Evelyn Galloni, VP of Operations, R&H Construction


Valentina Campa, Instructor, Pacific Northwest Carpenters Institute
Nominated by: Amber McCoy, Carpenter, Pacific Northwest Carpenters Institute

“Valentina has been on a steady rise since joining the Carpenters Apprenticeship program back in 2012. Val was an excellent apprentice, journey-level worker and has managed concrete projects as a crew lead and a foreman. Val is currently an Instructor with PNCI. Val’s intelligence and handwork has brought her far already and I cannot wait to see what she accomplishes next.”


Gabrielle Cowan, Journeyworker Laborer, Mortenson
Nominated by: Ivan Castille, Apprentice Coordinator, Oregon Laborers Apprenticeship and Aubrey Mollet, Mortenson

“I was Gabrielles first Labor Foreman when she started. She always has a great attitude and wants to learn as much as she can so that she can show the men how it’s done. She is still working for the same contractor she started with, Mortenson. They will be grooming her into a leadership role soon. I became the Apprentice Coordinator for the Laborers Union in April 2018, so I was her first Foreman and her last Apprentice Coordinator. Gabi journeyed out last year and she’s been Kicking Ass ever since! We are so proud of Gabis’ accomplishments!”

—  Ivan Castille, Apprentice Coordinator, Oregon Laborers Apprenticeship

“Mortenson nominates Gabrielle (Gabi) Kovac-Cowan for the Women on the Rise Award. Gabi is a Journeyman Laborer that has been in the construction trade for 4 years and has been working with Mortenson through her career. Gabi displays herself as leader on the project through her actions and how she carries herself. While being a leader mentoring others, Gabi takes opportunities to continuously learn to grow her skills and craft as well. Her can-do, hardworking attitude is contagious and sets the standard of an individual that is highly respected and trustworthy. Gabi looks out for the health and safety of everyone in the workplace and isn’t afraid to stand her ground when it comes to protecting people from getting hurt. One of Gabi’s most admirable values is how she treats fellow crew members with more than just respect, but to also make sure that each member of the team feels appreciated (often via delicious baked goods).”

—  Aubrey Mollet, Mortenson


Kerri Danay, Sheet Metal Journeyworker, McKinstry Co.
Nominated by: David Stevens, Superintendent, McKinstry Co.

“I am nominating Kerri for a “Woman on the Rise” Award because she started as a brand new sheet metal apprentice in October of 2015. Since then, she has been an outstanding employee: she works hard and is an excellent part our safety culture. Kerri turned out in June of 2020 and so far, this year she has received six recognitions for her active role in safety on the job. She is continuously looking out for hazards and pointing them out. She also takes the time to fix hazards and mentor other trades people when she sees the need. Kerri is a great example of the culture McKinstry has been striving to grow here in Oregon and other regions.”


Kim Funk, Journeyworker Carpenter, R&H Construction
Nominated by three coworkers at R&H Construction

“Kim joined the R&H team in 2015 as a carpenter helper. In 2016, she joined the apprenticeship program and dedicated her time and energy to the program, ultimately receiving a certificate in 2020. Kim serves as a journey-level carpenter for R&H, contributing to projects throughout the Northwest. She resides in Central Oregon and works for R&H’s Bend-based office but previously worked in Portland. Regardless of office location, she is quick to lend her support and expertise in company initiatives. She serves on the Safety Committee and is performing safety audits on her project site. During COVID, she has served as a social distancing officer on site. R&H’s labor coordinator Randy Logue commented that “her drive to succeed is unlike anyone I have seen. She is goal oriented and spreads positivity.” Kim has taken part in several mentoring opportunities through the company including Oregon Tradeswomen’s Career Fair. She is invaluable to our team and an exceptional candidate for Woman on the Rise.”

—  Erin Grodem, R&H Construction

“Kim not only gives off a continuous positive energy, she strives to be better at everything she does and wants her fellow coworkers to succeed as well. Since 2015 when she was hired at R&H, she has continued an ambitious pathway of growth, always asking for and learning more as she worked towards her apprenticeship. This year, she became a Journey-level Carpenter with our company.”

Kim continues to help whenever and wherever she can, including volunteering to join our Bend Safety Committee and volunteering with R&H’s community service events, fundraisers, and the Oregon Tradeswomen Career Fair. All the while being an amazing single mom, and buying her first home this year! I can’t think of anyone who would deserve to be recognized as much as this hard working team player.”

“Kimberly is the only female carpenter in the Central Oregon Division of R&H Construction. She recently completed her Journey certification while working full-time and mothering her daughter. She is always first in line to volunteer for any community programs R&H becomes involved in, and she always has a smile on her face, even when everyone else is stressed out.”

—  Kim Cook, R&H Construction

Kim is a member of the R&H Safety Committee, a role which has grown in scope significantly since the onset of the COVID precautions on each jobsite. She is currently leading the safety audits onsite to ensure everyone goes home safe. She is also handling the pre-task planning for her jobs, which is a critical element of our safety program, but involves additional paperwork – her boundless positivity helps get these reports taken care of with a minimum of grumbling. She is an asset to our team, and an inspiration to all who know her.”

—  Rhiannon Safford, R&H Construction


Mackenzie Gillan, Apprentice Lineman
Nominated by: Noah Simmons, Boyfriend

“Mackenzie is a hard working young woman who is dedicated to striving in the electrical industry. She has pushed past all odds to make it where she is now. Although she is just beginning her career as an apprentice, she is on her way to do incredible things.

Mackenzie relentlessly works towards creating a better future for other woman following her path. She is an ambassador for Kickass Careers and Women of Powerline Technicians. She focuses her efforts in educating students about the amazing pathways the skilled trades have to offer. She tirelessly helps those around her to help them achieve their goals. Mackenzie advocates for a better workplace culture, and works towards ending the misconceptions and stigmas perceived about the skilled trades.

Mackenzie Gillan is a true trailblazer. She wholly represents what the trades should be. Mackenzie is an icon to the industry.”


Kimberly Givens, Apprentice
Nominated by: Danisha Lambert, Kimberly’s Daughter

“Kim is a hard-working, dedicated worker who thrives in everything she sets her mind to. She is a role-model and an outstanding mother. She is fantastic and contributes her hard work to be a phenomenal employee. She has climbed up the ladder beginning from Oregon Tradeswomen, to now working for the City of Portland.

She deserves this acknowledgment; she is never appreciated enough.

Thanks for being my role-model and showing me no matter where you come from or how far you go, there is always room for improvement and growth. Thanks for showing me how to challenge all the obstacles that may come my way.”


Laurie Gonor, Journeyworker Carpenter, Carpenter’s Union
Nominated by: Samuel Murillo and Desi Wright, Union Representatives, Carpenter’s Union

“She is a kick ass journeyman that is super involved with her union and is involved with different diversity and inclusion committees. She is involved politically and supports people of color and women on construction job sites.”

—  Samuel Murillo, Union Representatives, Carpenter’s Union

“Laurie has truly stepped up and grown so much both personally and professionally since joining the Carpenter’s Union. It has been amazing to see her grow both in skill and confidence. She is always busy working and willing to do whatever needs to be done to get the job done, and done right. She looks out for fellow sisters on the jobsite and takes them under her wing. Off-site, Laurie has volunteered for Habitat for Humanity, is on the Executive Board for her Local 1503, and has participated and given public testimony at ODOT and various public meetings to support higher standards for women and the BIPOC community on projects. She is also extremely active in our Portland Metro SIB Group, where she attends every meeting and has stepped up to be a part of our SIB steering committee as well. Whenever you need help with something, Laurie is rock solid and willing to help however she can. I am amazed at how she has blossomed over these last few years. I couldn’t be more proud of her!”

—  Desi Wright, Union Representatives, Carpenter’s Union


Rosa Hale, Journeyworker and Executive Board Member, United Union of Roofers, Waterproofers, and Allied Workers Local 49
Nominated by: Travis Hopkins, Roofer, United Union of Roofers, Waterproofers, and Allied Workers Local 49

“As an Apprentice, Rosa was an instructor at numerous Career Fairs and other outreach opportunities where she mentored many women starting a career in the roofing industry. Rosa was the first President of our NEAR Committee where anyone who wanted to know about the roofing trade can go to get Union resources and information. The NEAR Committee is one of the major reasons the Roofers have seen spikes in attendance at our meetings and functions. Rosa has advocated many times for other women to join her on trips to Women Build Nations. Rosa has recently been elected as Roofers Local 49 First Female Executive Board Member. Rosa has always pushed herself to be the best Roofer and Waterproofer that she can be, the whole time not forgetting to keep the walls that she knocked down, down, and to always help other women over the rubble.”


Karen McDaniels, Journeyworker Laborer, RDF Builders Co.
Nominated by: Maren Sinclair, Walsh Construction Co.

“Karen joined RDF Builders Co. in June of 2010 and hit the ground running – learning, working, teaching, supporting, laughing and building. Karen is a team player, she has an excellent work ethic, she’s reliable and has a great attitude. She is the ideal Journeyworker Laborer on a jobsite. Over her ten years of working at RDF Builders, she has exhibited a quiet and friendly leadership that inspires the team around her to put forth their best effort. She encourages and supports everyone on the job and creates a positive environment wherever she goes. She is a mentor to both men and women in the field and humbly gives her best every day and on every jobsite. We would be honored for Karen to receive this much deserved recognition.”


Heather Miller, Division Manager, Dynalectric
Nominated by: John McCamish, NECA-IBEW Electrical Training Center

“Heather Miller is the epitome of upward trajectory. Heather graduated from the NECA-IBEW Electrical Training Center with her general journeyman license in July 2000 and has been consistently moving up. Heather has worked for Dynalectric for 20 years. She worked as a foreman and then moved into project management. Dynalectric recognized Heather for the star she is and promoted her to Senior Project Manager and then again to Division Manager in January 2019. Heather is the chair for the Oregon Electrical Board, a position appointed by the governor and confirmed by the Senate.

Heather has made contributions to projects such as OSHU’s Peter Kohler Pavilion, Intel D1X Mod 2, Nike, and Daimler Trucks. Heather has been a role model to many women who have followed her path. She is a regular volunteer for the NECA-IBEW Electrical Training Center’s Ambassador 48 program, where she volunteers to mentor girls and women as they explore the electrical industry. She is a caring and compassionate member of her community.”


Neomi Neuts, Apprentice Carpenter, Carpenters Local 1503
Nominated by: Keena Mills, Carpenter, Carpenters Local 1503

“Neomi has gone through many hurdles in life and has still managed to have a good heart and helps others with no judgement.”


Courtney Newberg, Apprentice Ironworker, Local 29
Nominated by: Shane Nehls, Vice President, Business Representative, Ironworkers Local 29

“Courtney was one of two females in a class of twelve who made it through the Ironworkers ‘Hell Week’. A body building type guy dropped out and quit within the first couple of days and another didn’t make the cut. I asked for volunteers to phone bank with me at the AFL-CIO office. She and three other orientation classmates showed up and, since then, she has been one of the only solid volunteers I’ve had for political, community, and labor actions. I worked with Courtney on the Hayward Field project shortly after that. When I showed up on the job, she had been there about a month and looked like one of the hardest workers there, working long hours in the heat. I never saw her without the heavy Ironworker belt and harness on and she set the standard and the pace for any apprentice who showed up on the job after.”


Alejandra Prado, Apprentice Carpenter
Nominated by: Yaslene Prado, Alejandra’s Daughter

“I am nominating my beautiful mother for Woman on the Rise because she is strong and is raising us 3 in the process of becoming a journeyman. She tries to gather other women in the apprenticeship program to better their journey in becoming journey women. She loves to give back to the community and volunteer her time. She loves to open herself up to other women to have that confidence to speak up. She is the best mom, we love her a lot!”


Robin Rasmussen, Apprentice Steamfitter, Mckinstry Co.
Nominated by: Brett Sutton, Foreman, Mckinstry Co.

“I would like to nominate Robin Rasmussen, a 1st term Steamfitter apprentice, because she is very eager to learn our (LU290) pipefitter trade. She is constantly asking questions to her crew members about our line of work and how and why we do certain things in the trade. Robin puts safety first every single day she is on site. Every crew member truly enjoys working around her. She never skips a beat and is always on time.”


Ana Rigsby, Journeyworker Sprinkler Fitter, Delta Fire, Inc.
Nominated by: Angela Cartales, Employer, Delta Fire, Inc.

“Ana recently joined Delta Fire as a fire sprinkler fitter journeyman. In addition to her regular work duties, Ana has accepted a position as Union Proctor for the Local 669 to mentor union apprentices. Ana is very passionate about women in the fire sprinkler trade. She has participated in the Oregon Tradeswomen Career Fair in previous years to spread the word. She is very excited about the next Career Fair and is already planning what “hands-on” tasks will be available to attendees.”

From her supervisor, Scott B.: “Ever since Ana has joined Delta Fire, she has been a great asset to the company. She has fit right in with her easy-going personality while maintaining a desire to get things done and getting them done correctly. Her attitude towards learning the ways of high-tech industry site work has been great. She has demonstrated great knowledge of her job in the trade and is able to pass that along to the apprentices on site with ease. Her decision to step into the proctor role will serve the union well.”


Sarah Roberts, Foreman, Bremik
Nominated by: Haley Alves, Carpenter, United Brotherhood of Carpenters

“Sarah is a recently journeyed-out carpenter who was immediately put into a leadership role as foreman and superintendent in training. Sarah is not only a talented and dedicated carpenter with a breadth of skill, but she uses her position of authority to reach out to and support other women coming up in the trade. Her most proud moment as a carpenter so far is that she was thrown into the deep end on that project and successfully ran it on her own. She credits her success to her willingness to ask a ton of questions and communicate clearly with all of her subcontractors. Although she had times of self-doubt, she succeeded because she never questioned whether or not she belonged in that role, she knew she belonged.

I believe that Sarah has proven that she has one of the biggest hearts, the strongest work ethics, and loudest voices for inclusion and change on any job site. She has proven that these are the qualities that make a successful carpenter and construction industry leader. When she’s not working overtime with her crew, we can often count on Sarah to show up and volunteer her time for her union. I know that Sarah is going to continue to move up the ranks with her company and be successful. I feel comforted knowing that someone like that is in a leadership role in my field.”


Carly Rush, Safety Director, Sheet Metal Institute
Nominated by: Rob Postma, Sheet Metal Institute

“Carly Started at Oregon Tradeswomen, became a Sheet Metal apprentice, and moved to the top of her class. She represented us at our regional contest and spends countless hours in outreach and mentoring females in our trade. Upon completion of her apprenticeship, she was hired to lead the safety department of the contractor she was working for. Carly is just at the beginning of what is going to be a strong leadership career.”


Charissa Schubert, Foreman, General Sheet Metal
Nominated by: Kimberly O’Donnell, General Sheet Metal

“Charissa Schubert was a single mom managing a Men’s Warehouse Store in 2013 working very irregular hours, weekends and nights. Her brother, a union sheet metal working at GSM challenged her to get into the trade and she was hired as a 40% classified in October 2013. She became an Apprentice the next month and began her career. Charissa worked in the field and shop and has experienced the variety that sheet metal offers firsthand. Charissa turned out as a Journeyman in December of 2018 and was immediately promoted to Foreman of the Architectural Panels area. Charissa has taken it upon herself to encourage others to seek out Sheet Metal as a trade. Whether she is giving tours in the shop, reaching out at career fairs, or just sharing her experience with another, she is a rising shining star in our industry and should be recognized for her accomplishments and continuing leadership.”


Jamie Vidalez, Apprentice, Andersen Mechanical
Nominated by: Micah Champoux, Supervisor, Andersen Mechanical

“Jamie has worked for Andersen Mechanical since January of 2018. Since that time she has demonstrated a strong work ethic. Jamie is reliable and dependable. Jamie shows up to work on time and ready to work. Jamie demonstrates a keen interest and adherence to learning as an apprentice. She is a well-respected and valued employee. Jamie is consistent in all that she does while on the job. We are happy to have her on our team.”


2020 Wanda Hall Legacy Award Nominees

Laura Benedict, Assistant Training Director, NECA-IBEW Electrical Training Center
Nominated by: Kate Orwick, Student, NECA-IBEW Electrical Training Center

“Laura is an extremely talented teacher at the training center. She was my best teacher. She is extremely easy to talk to, she motivates her students and promotes women in the trades. She leads by example. She is one of the most modest people I’ve ever met. She is a positive influence for all women in the trade and has dedicated her career to making an easier and better path for women who follow in her footsteps. She is dedicated to all of her students and maybe the person I look up to most in the trades. She sets the example and I’m proud to be part of the same organization as her.”


Christina Daniels, Journeyworker Electrician, IBEW Local 48
Nominated by: Gayle Lee, IBEW Local 48

“I nominate Christina for all her hard work in bringing resources to the table that help women with children receive childcare so they can be successful in apprenticeship programs.”


Penny Erickson, Garbage and Recycling Team, Metro
Nominated by: Kari Meyer, Garbage and Recycling Team, Metro

“Penny Erickson has been a champion of women in the solid waste industry for 34 years, always leading by example. Penny has been a mentor, a colleague and a friend. She gives freely of her time, sharing her learned experiences, offering advice and guidance and developing pathways for those coming along, particularly women and people of color. She is forward thinking and incredibly motivated to move her thoughts into action.

She puts herself on the front-lines every day. She shows up and supports her staff fully and without pause. Penny has always been guided by doing what is right for those around her. Fair, honest, and equitable are the words used by staff to describe her actions. Penny schools her staff and her bosses alike in diversity, dedication, customer service, and safety. She shows us the best way isn’t always the easiest. Through her excellent communication and clear direction, we all benefit from Penny Erickson.”


Rosa Hale, Journeyman Roofer, United Union of Roofers and Waterproofers
Nominated by: Danielle Lesta, Mentoree & Friend, United Union of Roofers and Waterproofers

“Rosa attended my Oregon Tradeswomen graduation (a graduate herself) where she introduced herself, gave me her contact info, and supported me. Throughout my entire apprenticeship she has been there as a support and mentor, always willing to be there and quick with her response. She does this for all of the women who join and has inspired me to do the same. She runs our women’s group, organizes our meetings. She has since journeyed out and won the election for our union eboard, the only female. She is extremely active in the union, attending conferences etc. Before journeying out she came in second place at the apprenticeship competition for the west coast. Rosa’s activism and leadership skills give so much motivation and hope to our incoming women, truly an inspiration.”


Kelly Hall, Journeyman Electrician
Nominated by: Andrew Hall, Husband

“Kelly has been an electrician for 37 years. She loves what she does and I can’t get her to take a day off. She encourages, challenges, and inspires people not only on the job, but everywhere she goes. She is always willing to help: she volunteers for Habitat for Humanity, is a 2nd Grade Leader at Beaverton Christian Church, is woman in the trades, and IBEW’s Rosie the Riveter in the Grand Floral Parade, to name a few. She is one of a kind person and I love my wife, Kelly Hall.”


Jamie McMillan, Journeyworker Ironworker & Apprentice Boilermaker, KickAss Careers
Nominated by: Mackenzie Gillan, Kickass Careers

“Jamie McMillan is one of the strongest people I know. She is a grassroots mentor to many. Jamie made the tough decision years ago to take time off the tools to promote and educate students and educators about the amazing life the trades has to offer. Jamie is someone who will always be there for you when you need her most. She goes above and beyond the role of a trades educator. She is a true mentor.

My words cannot do Jamie Justice. Google Jamie McMillan, and see all of the amazing thing she has done. She is the founder of KickAss Careers. And the creator of the Workplace Equality (W.E.) Ribbon.”


Suzanne Scheans, Steamfitter
Nominated by: Pat Scheans, Suzanne’s Sister

“Suzanne is a superb honoree. The list of Suzanne’s achievements as a mentor, role model, and teacher began when she was the first woman to graduate from General Motors body school, and continued through air traffic controlling in the US navy, welding, and steam fitting. She is a leader and mentor at Oregon Tradeswomen, and continues to teach tradespeople online during Covid.”


Carla Stanlick, Flagger, Mortenson
Nominated by: Aubrey Mollett, Employee, Mortenson

“Mortenson nominates Carla Stanlick for the Wanda Hall Legacy Award. Carla has been in construction for the last 13 years and spends her spare time with organizations such as Portland Youth Builders, serving as a positive role-model to young people in the community and helping fill the construction pipeline. In addition, she also collaborates with Good-in-the-Hood Events, such as their Multicultural Festival, for traffic control logistics support. Carla is a certified ODOT Flagger Trainer and proudly helps other tradespeople develop their knowledge to be trained and understand the requirements of protecting the crew members and public during any type of event or work near roadways. One trait that cannot be missed is her attitude and passion for what she does. Carla is the first face that people see when they enter our Mortenson jobsite, and her positive yet assertive nature assures team members and visitors we are ready for work each morning with the correct PPE, navigational directions, and contact information.”


Carol Wurdinger, Longshoreman, ILWU Local 8
Nominated by: Kaimana LoBue, Longshoreman, ILWU Local 8

“Carol has worked as a longshoreman for 21 years. She has done everything from lashing down containers on ships (which is also one of her favorite jobs, where you need to be a strong badass) to driving the big trucks and locomotives on the docks, using the heavy lifts to move 50,000lbs slabs of steel. There are 1000’s of jobs on the waterfront and she’s done them all. And now, she is one of the only female walking bosses down there and gets so much respect. She has been an example and mentor to all of us women down there. She always has our backs and will take time to listen to you. I am in awe of her and proudly nominate Carol Wurdinger for the Wanda Hall legacy award.”



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