Sewer Scopes and Radon Testing

True Home Inspections
April 29, 2024
Portland, OR
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Job Summary: I'm looking for a plumber that wants to go a different direction with plumbing. I own an all women home inspection company that offers sewer scopes and radon testing. Two years ago I found a plumber that was burnt out working for a plumbing company, and she started doing our sewer scopes as well as dropping off and picking up our radon testing equipment. In those two years she has built up enough of a following doing her own plumbing work on the side that she's now going off on her own. This is the best possible outcome but now I'm hoping to find the same situation again. I will provide all the necessary equipment and will train on the radon testing side of things. Weekday work only with a good deal of flexibility (4 days a week, 7 hours a day on the high side). Can be independent contractor or on payroll as needed. Pay is on a per service basis and should be between $60-$70k per year. This will increase as th

Job Responsibilities: Performing sewer scopes and publishing reports. Setting and picking up radon testing equipment.

Required Skills and Qualifications: At least a year of plumbing experience

Preferred Skills and Qualifications: Licensed plumber

Compensation: $60-70k per year

To Apply: Resume and cover letter is a good start

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