Oregon Tradeswomen is a Union Shop!

We are pleased to announce that Oregon Tradeswomen is a union shop! In February of 2023, the staff at Oregon Tradeswomen came together to organize under the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers (IAM) Local Lodge 63. By the end of 2023, a collective bargaining agreement was reached that serves the needs of both staff and the organization.

In our nearly 35 years as an organization, Oregon Tradeswomen has been driven by our mission to empower women to break barriers and thrive in the traditionally male-dominated construction trades. Not only does that entail providing training and career support, but that all workers, Oregon Tradeswomen graduates or not, are treated fairly and have a voice in the workplace.

Oregon Tradeswomen’s Bargaining Team with their contract!

Through the ups and downs of the bargaining process, we have committed to these values, ultimately ensuring that our workers have a seat at the table in how Oregon Tradeswomen moves forward as an organization. Starting in January 2024, Oregon Tradeswomen’s first union contract took effect, establishing a 4-day work week and securing competitive wages and benefits for staff as they work hard to serve the community. In the spirit of collaboration, the contract also established an Ad Hoc Committee comprised of staff, management, and subject matter experts to discuss how Oregon Tradeswomen moves forward regarding organizational structure, and staff roles and responsibilities. The Ad Hoc Committee met regularly and, by the end of March, successfully produced recommendations put into action by Oregon Tradeswomen’s management team, including a plan to hire the staff power needed to achieve our common goals and further our mission.

This milestone is exciting for us as an organization that supports the good work of unions in the skilled trades, as well as the work of the labor movement that is in the midst of a much-needed resurgence. Through some solid teamwork between the union and management, Oregon Tradeswomen can proudly declare that we are a union shop! Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to pave the way for a brighter, more equitable future in the skilled trades. Together, we are forging a stronger, more united Oregon Tradeswomen!

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