Easy Ways to Support Oregon Tradeswomen!

As a non-profit organization, Oregon Tradeswomen’s work is made possible through the generosity of our supporters. For these gifts we are immensely grateful, but not everyone has the financial flexibility to make a monetary contribution. Luckily, there are other ways to support our work that are quick and easy!

Each of these avenues are incredibly helpful to our organization. If every one of our supporters participated in at least one of these programs, the impact would be undeniable. 


Dovetail Affiliate Program

Oregon Tradeswomen is both honored and thrilled to announce that we are the first affiliate partner for Dovetail Workwear, which means ALL of Oregon Tradeswomen’s community – from students, graduates, field instructors, donors, volunteers, staff, and members can receive a 10% discount on purchases simply by using this link to shop: dovtl.me/oretrd!

In addition to your 10% off, Dovetail Workwear also makes a commensurate 10% donation to Oregon Tradeswomen!

Fred Meyer Rewards

What if we told you that your Fred Meyer shopping trips could benefit Oregon Tradeswomen? Every time you shop, Fred Meyer’s Community Rewards program will put aside up to $650,000 each quarter to benefit an organization of your choice! Here is how you can participate:

  1. Go to fredmeyer.com
  2. Click on the silhouetted person icon at the top right side of the page to Sign In.
  3. If you haven’t set up a Fred Meyer rewards account, click “Create an Account”
  4. After signing in to your account, scroll down to the very bottom of the page and locate the Community section
  5. Under “Community” you will see and select “Fred Meyer Community Rewards”
  6. On the page that pops up, there will be a section that says “Are You a Fred Meyer Customer?” and under that there will be a link that reads “Re-enroll or link your Rewards Card now” which you will click
  7. The page that pops up will list suggested organizations to support, but at the very top of the page you will want to type in “Oregon Tradeswomen” on the search field and search
  8. Oregon Tradeswomen should be the first listing to pop up, so locate it and press the “Enroll” button
  9. The website will give you a confirmation page with the information of your enrollment in the program
  10. Now, whenever you shop at Fred Meyer, swipe or enter in your rewards info and Fred Meyer will donate a percentage of your total to Oregon Tradeswomen!

Amazon Smile

If you are an Amazon user, each purchase you make can help Oregon Tradeswomen through the Amazon Smile program! Amazon Smile is a way for you to direct 0.5% of your Amazon purchases to a non-profit of your choice. To start generating money for Oregon Tradeswomen, follow these simple instructions:

  1. Go to Amazon Smile’s home page at http://smile.amazon.com
  2. Log in using your Amazon account
  3. A page will pop up asking you to select a charitable organization
  4. There will be some spotlight charities, but below that, there is a search bar to pick your own charitable organization where you can search “Oregon Tradeswomen”
  5. Oregon Tradeswomen’s profile will show up and you will click the yellow “Select” button to support that organization
  6. A page will show up with a confirmation of wanting to support the charity, so you will want to check the box and press “Start Shopping”
  7. Now, every time you shop on Amazon, a percentage of your total will be donated to Oregon Tradeswomen!

Donate Your Car

By donating your vehicle you will save yourself the hassle and expense of selling your vehicle while supporting a cause you are passionate about: helping girls and women explore their opportunities to pursue living wage jobs in the trades. When you donate your car, boat, motor home, or motorcycle, Oregon Tradeswomen will greatly benefit from your donation.

This kind of donation is a substantial gift and will help offset costs in our programs that empower women to learn about working in the trades.


At Oregon Tradeswomen we are always looking for volunteers to take some time out of their day to help us out. There are many ways to volunteer with our organization, the biggest of opportunities being our Annual Career Fair. If you are interested in being contacted about volunteer opportunities, please email our Communications Coordinator at trytten@tradeswomen.net

We thank you for your support this holiday season as you join us in ensuring that the thousands of low-income women and girls will receive the inspiring education, training and mentoring needed to become the next generation of tradeswomen.

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