Easy Ways to Support Oregon Tradeswomen

Hard to believe it, but it’s already November, which means Thanksgiving might as well be tomorrow and Christmas the week after that! The holidays probably have you in one of two camps: thrilled at the thought of getting cozy, spending time with family (biological and chosen!), and coming up with the perfect little something for your loved ones OR terrified at the mere thought of being within 100 yards of a Target parking lot.

The cherry on top, or silver lining, depending on which side you’re on, is that this holiday season you can support Oregon Tradeswomen with minimal effort and at no additional cost to you just by shopping on Amazon or at Fred Meyer. That’s right – free money for Oregon Tradeswomen and the revolutionary program that’s changing lives!

How does it work? For Amazon purchases, simply visit tradeswomen.net/donate to access our AmazonSmile portal and connect your account to Oregon Tradeswomen by logging in to your Amazon account. Then, just shop as you normally would. Amazon will donate 0.5% of the price of your eligible purchases to Oregon Tradeswomen!

To support us through the Fred Meyer Community Rewards program, just link your Freddie’s reward card to Oregon Tradeswomen (instructions can be found at tradeswomen.net/donate) and we’ll receive a quarterly donation. You will still receive 100% of your earned rewards!  

At Oregon Tradeswomen even small gifts lead to big impact. Our deepest gratitude goes out to all our supporters who generously donate their time, energy, and financial support to making rewarding, living-wage careers for women in the construction trades a reality.

Thank you for supporting Oregon Tradeswomen!

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