Teamwork, Attitude and Paperwork: “TAP” into your future in the trades

I attended the Union Apprenticeships in the Building Trades Information Session at Portland YouthBuilders today and learned a whole lot about the great opportunities in construction, elevator construction, floor covering, electrical, cement masonry and others.

It was a one-hour presentation on the different building trades that offer apprenticeship programs. It takes place on a quarterly basis and is geared towards folks who are interested in a career and for those who counsel people on careers.

There were several representatives from the trades who spoke to the benefits and expectations with regards to a career in the trades.  There were also some really great videos.  I learned so much! For example, did you know that elevator construction workers are the highest paid job of all the trades?

The panelists also shared insights about what is needed to be successful in any of the trades.  Those qualities include:

*  Being a team player
*  Having a great attitude
*  Establishing a great reputation
*  Completing your paperwork

Now, I’m not seeking work in those trades but I do work for an organization that helps women find work in those industries. I’ll be sure to be passing on information about future events but you might want to get this one on the calendar:

March 6, 2015
Central Electrical Training Center
33309 Highway 99E
Tangent, OR 97389

— Dennise

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