Tough Mudders!

We are so proud of the OTI graduates who took on an intense challenge this summer and formed a team to participate in Tough Mudder! The members of the Oregon Tradeswomen Mudders team were Eleni Vournas, Sho Newman, and Genevieve Smith-Henry. They worked out together to train for the race – running individually and as a team to improve their stamina and they also committed to strength training and did some “bouldering” at the rock gym.

We asked Eleni to tell us more about her experience and this is what she shared:

“The race itself was FAN-TASTIC! What I loved most about it was the empowering spirit of teamwork! Not only between the three of us but with the entire Mudder pack – especially after the first obstacle of crawling through the mud on our belly!! It seemed as if we all became one giant force after that! Initially we all had our team jerseys separating us from one another: green, black, yellow, purple…but after that first obstacle it didn’t seem to matter anymore, we were all the MUD team with one goal: To cross the finish line! No time was kept and there were no awards for 1st, 2nd and 3rd. Team spirit is the essence of the Tough Mudder race and you feel it with every grip offered by a stranger to pull you over/under/or through the obstacle at hand. And yes, I am personally already signed up for Tough Mudder 2015!”

Way to go Eleni, Sho, and Genevieve!!

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