2016 Women Build the Nation


Registration is open for the 2016 Women Build the Nation! It is going to be in Chicago this year – the first time the event will be held outside of California. Registrations and hotel rooms are going quickly. If you are looking forward to the event, now is the time to register!  The conference takes place from April 29 – May 1, 2016.  Registrations received by February 29 will only cost $100, (with a $15 discount for North American’s Building Trade Unions affiliates!).

We know many tradeswomen in Oregon really want to attend, but are wondering how to  afford it? Your employer or union might sponsor you to attend. Asking early this month is a great idea so that you can offer them the best deal with early bird registration. Don’t forget to ask for wage replacement too!

If you aren’t sure how to go about asking for this support, don’t worry, Women Build the Nations is looking out for you. They have example requests, details about the conference value, and information on how to make a motion from the floor to help you out!

If you want some extra support from Oregon Tradeswomen, reach out to Tiffany and set something up!

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