BIKETOWN: Champions for a Diverse, Representative Workforce

Oregon Tradeswomen is grateful to BIKETOWN for their partnership and commitment to a diverse, representative workforce. We’re also thankful that they loaned us a small fleet of Biketown bikes for Oregon Tradeswomen staff to use at our annual Career Fair! The bikes were incredibly helpful to our staff and added quite a pop of color to the event!

Oregon Tradeswomen served on an advisory panel prior to Biketown’s launch in 2016, and since then, Biketown has employed five Oregon Tradeswomen pre-aprenticeship class graduates: Max Beyelia, Alex Styner, Cassandra Czubachowski, Anna Beck, and Heather Hogate.

Dorothy Mitchell, Biketown’s General Manager, was “forward thinking about Biketown staff, and from the ground up, built a vision for how the staff would look, how hiring would happen, and she was very thoughtful about who she worked with to connect with and hire employees”, explained Tom Rousculp, Marketing Manager for Biketown. “Dorothy focused on working with a few organizations, including Oregon Tradeswomen. She wanted to have a representative staff for the whole organization”.

Dorothy said, “Oregon Tradeswomen grads have exceeded our hopes and expectations from day one. OT grads come to us with the right skills and attitude to hit the ground quickly doing the hard work of keeping a bike share program running. They have been among our most dependable employees, and we value the diversity they add to our operation as we work to make bike share more equitable from the inside out.”

Alex and Max were promoted into leadership positions, at Biketown, and Max and Anna have been with Biketown since its launch in July of 2016. Max commented that: “Biketown has a primarily female leadership team and goes at great length to promote an equitable and diverse workforce. I could not speak more highly of their integrity as a partner to our community.”

Thank you again, Biketown for your incredible partnership! We applaud your work and the good you do for our community!

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