Oregon AFL-CIO’s Labor Candidate School: Jen Netherwood


Jen receives her certification for successfully completing Labor Candidate School

The incredible Jen Netherwood is at it again! On Saturday March 12, 2016 she graduated from the Oregon AFL-CIO’s Labor Candidate School(OLCS). The goal of OLCS is to increase the representation of union members in elected office in Oregon who will pass policies that uplift and support the middle class.  The commitment to this program includes several months of training on how to run a successful campaign and fundraising for their own tuition! This does not mean the participant can just fund their own tuition, they are required to go out into their communities and raise the money to participate.

Jen began her journey in advocacy by first standing up for women’s rights to be in non-traditional environments and workplaces through coaching women’s soccer and teaching OTI’s Trades and Apprenticeship Career Class. In 2014, Jen attended Construction Equity Day with students from OTI, Constructing Hope, and Portland Youth Builders. It was there in Salem when she realized she could create relationships with her legislators. This started a long process of Jen fighting for a pre-apprenticeship program at the Coffee Creek Correctional Facility.

OTI is very proud and honored to be affiliated with this incredible woman. Please join us in congratulating her on her hard work and look forward to her run for office.  One day, she may be our governor! (All of the graduates had to give a speech as if they were currently running for office and Jen chose governor.)

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