Oregon Tradeswomen Grads Working for Living Room Realty

Recently, Living Room Realty was searching to fill a brand new in-house Maintenance Coordinator position and out of the 7 women who applied, two stood out above the rest: Ash Jimenez, an Oregon Tradeswomen graduate, and Kathleen George, were so well received that Living Room Realty created a whole other maintenance position in order to keep them both!

Ash, whom Sarah remembered from the tradeswomen fashion show at Oregon Tradeswomen’s Annual Career Fair, took the role of Maintenance Coordinator and Kathleen, an experienced general contractor of 20 years and the owner of her own painting business, is their new Maintenance Manager.

Ash Jimenez at Oregon Tradeswomen’s “Build With Us: A Blue Collar Gala”

Living Room Realty is a female owned and almost all female-staffed local company that is committed to giving back to the community. Their owner, Jenelle Isaacson, and her Executive Assistant Sarah McBee met when they served together on the Board of Directors for the Rock and Roll Camp for Girls and are involved in a variety of philanthropic endeavors around Portland.

Living Room Realty’s commitment to giving back to the community shines through in their work:  they have a designated charitable giving fund called The Loving Room Fund that benefits three nonprofits for the year. The fund is currently committed to helping:

  • P:ear, a nonprofit that creatively mentors homeless youth.
  • Urban Gleaners, an organization that is dedicated to reducing waste by rescuing edible surplus food that would otherwise be thrown away and donating it to hungry children and their families.
  • Oregon Wild, a nonprofit that works to protect and restore Oregon’s wildlife, wild-lands, and waters.

We want to extend very well deserved congratulations to Ash and Kathleen as they embark on this new journey! BIG thanks to Living Room Realty for their support of Oregon Tradeswomen and the communities that make Oregon a wonderful place to live.


  1. Ash Jimenez on May 7, 2018 at 4:15 pm

    Hi there,

    Ash here, actually it is the maintenance coordinator position that I am doing here at LRPM a little bit of hands on work but mostly organizing projects and conducting the property inspections. I don’t believe my colleague Kathleen ever went through the TACC program. Anyhow just wanted to clarify for posterity sake.

    Ash Jimenez

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