The Commission on Equitable Contracting and Purchasing


The first meeting of the Commission on Equitable Contracting and Purchasing, formed to increase utilization of minorities and women-owned businesses in City of Portland contracting, and increase inclusion of minorities and women in the workforce on City-funded projects was held on July 30, 2015.

The nine Commissioners: Marcela Alcantar, Michael Burch, Andrew Colas, Herb Fricke, Vicqui Guevara, Tony Jones, Rosa Martinez, Andrew McGough, and Maurice Rahming, represented a wide spectrum of minority and women-owned business and workforce interests.

Mayor Hales expressed his enthusiastic support for the Commission. As he witnessed their oath of office, he said, “This oath goes with real power and reflects the seriousness and heft of what you are about here – about real change to help make this a City of opportunities for more people.”

OTI is thrilled with the establishment of this commission and looks forward to hearing more about the results of their work.

Links of Interest:

Ordinance that established the Commission

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