Oregon Tradeswomen’s Summer Night and Weekend Training

Oregon Tradeswomen recognizes the need to provide options to working women to participate in our programs. Many of our Trades and Apprenticeship Career Class (TACC) pre-apprentices are not only juggling family demands, but working while attending the program. In fact, many join while employed full time and have to give up employment in order to attend. To help these students achieve their career goals while financially sustaining their families, Oregon Tradeswomen responded by offering a night and weekend TACC class this Summer.

Here are some of the participants’ accomplishments observed so far, thanks to the alternative night and weekend schedule:

  • Two TACC participants work full-time jobs during the day and are committed to graduate while preparing for IBEW’s Electrical Apprenticeship.
  • A third student is working full-time as a teacher aid while caring for a newborn and a toddler while attending TACC.
  • Another participant is able to work part-time, care for her kids, and thanks to the current schedule, her husband can watch the kids in the evenings.
  • We also have a participant who is a full-time mom, and is able to leave her kids with their dad in the evenings so that she can attend classes.

Oregon Tradeswomen is able to be responsive to jobseeker needs, and shift our programming with the valuable collaboration of industry partners and we will continue to make our program more accessible. Look for additional evening and weekend classes in 2022!


  1. Jessica Soderberg on September 27, 2021 at 1:21 am

    Hi, my name is Jessica Soderberg, from Portland Oregon and I’m interested in all there’s to know about, opportunity possibilities ?

    I’m kinda a Jack of trades, having a *Phlebotomy Certification 2020 – 2004.
    To also having >
    *Unarmed Security Professional Certification 2021 – 2025
    And some completed course’s in Medical School (Pioneer Pacific College) Bachlors Program.
    *Medical terminology.
    *Medical law and ethics.

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